How Cvent Helps Casinos Create an Emotional Casino Experience

Whether they are playing games, watching entertainment or eating at restaurants, casino audiences make decisions that are emotionally driven. To create the right experience for them, casinos need to double down on the feelings of winning and excitement to drive loyalty and repeat visits.

When it comes to casino design, lighting is a major component of the environment. The way it is used shapes the mood of the space and can play a functional role in security. For example, the lights in casino table games are programmed to flash in certain patterns that help security see when someone is trying to cheat or steal. This can be a subtle but effective tool to keep casinos secure and profitable.

For decades, gambling was illegal. While that didn’t stop people from engaging in it, it did stifle the growth of casinos. But once Nevada legalized gambling, casinos started to gain traction. In fact, they became so popular that other states realized they could capitalize on the popularity of casinos and began to open their own.

Casinos have many more assets than just their gaming floors. They also have luxury hotels, cutting-edge technology, spa and fitness centers, event spaces, delicious restaurants, and more. They are the perfect places to host group events and meetings. To capitalize on this, casino marketers need to target their messages and marketing efforts towards group business. This can be accomplished through strategic targeting using Cvent’s Competitive Ads that help them get prominent exposure to meeting planners in their targeted markets and sister cities.