What is Online Gambling?

Online Gambling involves betting or playing games of chance or skill for money, using a computer, tablet, smartphone or other internet-enabled device. It is a global industry, with legal gambling operations operating in many countries, including most states in the US and Canada, many European countries, Australia and New Zealand. The industry is subject to rigorous regulations, and operators must be licensed to provide services in each country they operate in.

Many people enjoy Online Gambling, but it is important to remember that there is a risk of losing real money. If you are concerned that you may have a gambling problem, it is recommended that you seek professional help from a reputable organisation such as GamCare or Victim Support. You can also take an online assessment tool provided by GamCare to find out more about your gambling habits.

While the morality of Online Gambling is a hotly debated topic, it is a fact that online gambling has grown into a highly profitable and professionally regulated industry. In order to protect their players, online gambling sites offer responsible gaming and a range of other features including loss limits and self-exclude functions. They also promote the creation of jobs and generate tax revenues. These benefits have led to many states considering easing their strict laws on online gambling.